Organisation Library

In this release we have created an area for sketches have been categorised as Authoritative by the LINQ admins and that are able to be used by all LINQ users in your account. This will enable users to have a common view of underlying content and will enable a level of consistency between LINQ editors that had not been available before.

For sketches to be included in this area the sketch Visibility must be set as “Organisation” by the creator and have an accepted status by an admin as “Authoritative” These settings can be set by editing the sketch info, either from within the sketch or in the Explorer.

  1. A user is able to set the Visibility as Organisation and Status as Proposed if they wish a sketch to show in the Organisation tab of peoples Explorer. When these are set the sketch will be placed into the “Proposed” section of the admin’s Explorer.
  2. As soon as an Admin approves the sketch by changing the status to Authoritative the sketch will be available to LINQ Editors throughout the organisation.