Spectacular Wellington Harbour for Sale

Composite image of Wellington Harbour

Spectacular Wellington Harbour For Sale by Auction 9th December 2015

Our company is located on the 31st Floor of Plimmer Towers and we have an uninterrupted view of Wellington Harbour.

Surely it has more value than just being the backdrop to our daily work?

We think so. So we’re selling it!*


What do you get for your money?

Boasting 76 km² of water, with a 1.6 km wide entrance, shore to shore, suitable for even the most massive super yacht. The harbour is 11 km long and 9.25 km wide at its largest points. The water depth exceeds 20 m, so there’s plenty of room for underwater exploration. Who knows what treasure you might find?

Of course once you own this amazing feature, you’ll have all of the scallops and other sea life within the waters of the harbour available to you and will be able to do whatever you like to the colour of the water. We’d suggest Aubergine purple.

Oh – and we’ll throw in Somes Island for free too!

Any relocation costs must be covered by the buyer.

Wellington Harbour Moody Weather Photo

*As we all know, we can’t really sell the harbour; we just used that to draw your attention to our Christmas Fundraiser. We’re a new technology company, with a great new SaaS cloud based application that is going to change the way enterprise organisations view information.

The money raised from the auction will be donated to Eat My Lunch, making sure New Zealand kids in need get lunches made by the awesome Eat My Lunch team. Eat My Lunch Logo

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Alternatively you can make a donation via our Give A Little page by clicking on ‘Donate’ below.

Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause. $10 is all it takes to ensure two lunches are made for kids who really need them. Anything more than that and you’re a Superstar!

If you are a company and you don’t have a Christmas Fundraiser going on at the moment, please feel free to ride on the back of this. We’ll credit you for your contribution.