Starting up Spatial.IQ

The cloud is then making things even easier.  We’re signing up with Xero, the online accounting system and with Microsoft’s Office 365 to provide us with online office capabilities.  Neil’s been working hard with Go Daddy’s InstantPage ® web site creator to build

But all of this is just the back office stuff.  In just three days of hard work, we are set up to be able to conduct business.  So now we move to the important stuff – the value we bring.

The three of us are passionate about the difference that GIS can make to organizations – big and small; government and private sector; and in almost every industry.  But it has to be done right for that difference to be positive!   We’ve seen too many organizations get excited about GIS and then fail as the technology collides with individuals, politics, workflows, other enterprise IT:  in other words, reality!

So our focus is on the business outcomes that will be achieved when GIS is done right.  We use our experience to help organizations plan, implement and then gain the maximum benefit from GIS.  In doing so, we’re going to confront a metaphorical menagerie – elephants in the room; sacred cows and mule-like stubbornness.  The best way of tackling these – patiently, honestly and realistically.
This mix of passion, experience and pragmatism is Spatial.IQ’s strength.

We look forward to working with you.

– David