Victoria University looks to LINQ to support Grad Students

Victoria University looks to a local tech-start up LINQ Ltd to support its’ new ICT Grad School Students.

Thanks to a partnership between Victoria University and local tech start-up LINQ Ltd, students at the university’s School of Information Management will be better equipped to solve the increasingly complex problems presented in today’s global, digital environment.

The University recognises the demand for advanced business analysis skills is exploding and there is an ever increasing need for qualified people who can leverage information, technology and process to deliver against strategic business outcomes.

By utilising LINQ’s Software-as-a-Service platform the University will teach students how the building of Information Supply Chains can support business outcomes. Head of the School of Information Management, Benoit Aubert is excited that

“We will use LINQ to provide students with a professional working environment, enabling them to enrich their learning experience and be ready for the workforce. Our students now have access to an innovative way to understand and assess information value in organisations, making them better business analysts and turning the classroom into an environment much closer to the business world. LINQ will accelerate students’ learning process, giving them access to a powerful and intuitive way to model information. By using LINQ, our students are gaining access to state-of-the-art technology for analysis.”

LINQ have been developing their cloud based platform over the last eight months and are already seeing signs of global success with customers in the USA, Australia and the UK. Partnering with the School of Information Management and working with the newly launched ICT Grad school is a new and important part of the company’s growth strategy.

“This initiative is exactly the kind of collaboration with the ICT industry that the Wellington ICT Grad School is looking for” said Rees Ward the Director of the School. “Our students will be working on real projects for start-ups, banks, consulting firms, film companies, multi-national corporations, SMEs and some of the fastest-growing tech companies in New Zealand and we are excited that LINQ will be one of them and the use of their technology will be a valuable addition.”

LINQ’s CEO, Stew Darling, explains the importance of this partnership’

“We have always viewed partnerships with tertiary education providers important at LINQ. The first member of our team was a VUW intern who is still with us, now full-time, two years later and we currently have a further two VUW students working with us.

Looking to the future, we recognise a closer relationship between business and education can only be positive for the growth of the Wellington ICT sector, including the start-up community. We believe our platform makes way for students to focus on business outcomes and not get bogged down with systems and process, which in turn will enable them to add an incredible amount of value to NZ inc. from day one.”

LINQ’s cloud based offering is now available. As a Wellington based company, LINQ is looking to the New Zealand market to provide the foundation for further global growth. For more information go to