Are you frustrated at the speed of decision making?

Are you frustrated at the speed of decision making in your organisation? Do you seem to go around and around and never get to the point of being able to say yes, or no? Decision paralysis costs money There’s a missed opportunity cost which is often hard to quantify.

Is the way that you are communicating as a team the root cause of the issue? Are you talking at crossed purposes? Someone is driving the technical aspects, another the cultural impact? Getting on the same page and being able to take an objective view of the impact is hard.

Purple circle with Decision Paralysis, question mark and exclamation pint

As human beings, we are deeply rooted in the things that we know well. Fundamentally we are lazy – we take the path of least resistance and stick with things that we know, even if they don’t produce the outcomes we are after.

Quote from Einstein...Insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

Building real-time engagement in a discussion helps everyone feel that they are contributing and that they are being listened to. Having a tangible output to take away as the outcome creates ownership.

Imagine being able to document the conversation in real-time in a visual way that everyone understands… Imagine then being able to run experiments on making something better… Imagine getting instant feedback about the impact of being different…

All it takes is to step out of your comfort zone – break down a cognitive bias – and try something new!

The Cognitive Bias Codex - developed in 2016 - a list of biases caused by our experience and environment

When you can sketch how you operate today as people are describing their role to you and through that exercise immediately see new possibilities to do more with your time and money, your curiosity can run wild.

That is what LINQ enables in your business!

Sketch – agree – discuss – model – gain insight – enable action

Within hours you can be contemplating your future Within days you can communicate with decision makers Within weeks you can be taking action All based in evidence.

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LINQ is a tool which harnesses your imagination, your creativity, your desire to make your role or your organisation better and present that in a robust way to the people who need to hear it.

Don’t take our word for it!

We’d love to show you how you can accelerate the change conversations in your organisation – how you can become the hero – preventing your business from becoming another change failure statistic.

Head here to try LINQ out for yourself: … and start accelerating your change conversations today!