Exciting times at Spatial.IQ

By focusing on the flow of information rather than the technology or infrastructure, we are able to capture the value of the information flow by understanding what happens to it and when things happen to it. Levels of efficiency can be discovered which organisations benefit from. Typically, efficiency gains of at least 20% are discovered through this process. Greater efficiency does equate to lower costs, and that means that funds can be diverted to areas of need, which in turn increases efficiency.

The information products that LINQ enables provides organisations with a deeper level of understanding of the value of spatial information; from finally seeing how staff time is spent managing information, or realising that a critical piece of infrastructure really should be replicated for resilience, to better data management processes to account for information change from a key source provider or the provision of an interactive catalogue of services and applications.

We are excited by LINQ and so are our customers, so we are currently developing our Spatial.LINQ cloud platform which will enable organisations to capture their Spatial Value Chains, connect them to publicly accessible services and share their outputs for others to discover and use. In this way, we will make Spatial Data Infrastructure come alive and facilitate organisations access to authoritative data and value chains so that everyone can become more efficient.

If you’d like to know more, browse our LINQ section or get in touch via spatial.linq@spatialiq.co.nz and we can arrange to come and see you.