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The Role of the Digital Twin of the Organisation in Successful Digital Transformations

We all know how fast the business landscape changes and one area is accelerating that change and bringing huge benefits to businesses. What is it? It’s the Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO) and it’s revolutionising how companies approach digital transformation. Understanding the Digital Twin of the Organisation Traditionally associated with physical objects in industries […]

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Idea to Global Experience: A Journey

I’ve always been an ideas guy.  But an ideas guy who wants to see that idea deliver business value.  Throughout my career, I’ve collected ideas from my colleagues and persuaded smart technical people to put them into action.  I’ve learned a lot of lessons that you might find useful.  I’m certainly finding them useful as […]

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Innovation by design – Kill the Chicken Pt III

If innovation happens at all within an organisation, it is frequently a fluke or part of a skunkworks project.  Commentators like Steve Blank suggest that while Skunkworks projects epitomise innovation by exception; to survive, organisations need innovation by design. In my previous posts (‘Kill the Chicken’ and ‘Kill the Chicken 2’ )  I spent some time […]

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Exciting times at Spatial.IQ

It’s been a while since we last blogged and thankfully that is entirely down to the fact that we have been busy! It’s a nice feeling as we approach our second birthday. The past 3 months have been focused on the development of Spatial.LINQ. You can find out all about LINQ on our new website here. […]

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A font that we should all be using

A week after Suvir Mirchandani, a 14-year-old student from Pittsburg, Tennessee suggested that the US Government could save $400 million per annum if they changed the font that they used in their documentation from Times New Roman to a smaller, lighter font such as Garamond which uses 25 percent less ink, Ryman the Stationers have launched Ryman Eco which […]

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