Back in March 2014 we had an idea.

In the last 18 months we have worked hard on that idea which became our LINQ methodology, this resulted in us building a LINQ proof of concept to use with our customers.  In July this year we accelerated our grand plan to move from a service company to a product company.  As part of our journey we matured from Spatial.IQ to LINQ Ltd, doubled the size of the company, moved into our new offices while establishing a Board of Directors.  We also tripled the size of development team in Vietnam – without Quantic we could not have achieved todays milestone.

Today we launched LINQ – – to a select number of users who have signed up to our Early Adopter Programme (EAP).  Our EAP will run for the next few months allowing us to understand client needs while we continue to build capability into LINQ Core.

For now it is time to celebrate; we had a dream, a dream that became a plan with a goal to launch a product.  Today we met that goal and the next part of the journey begins – to bring LINQ to many more customers. – Exciting times!!