Privacy and data security seminar – 27th March – Wellington

As individuals, the privacy of the personal data we provide to organisations has never been a greater topic of discussion. As Kiwi organisations, our obligations under the current New Zealand Privacy Act are likely to change in the future in light of recent developments in the UK and Europe. These developments will also directly impact those of you doing business in the UK and Europe in the near term.

What is changing?

From the 25th May 2018 the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts data rights firmly into the hands of the individual.

Your right to ask for your data to be provided to a new supplier or your right to remain anonymous are just 2 of the new powers granted by the GDPR. The fines for lack of compliance are driving organisations to change the way they manage the personal data they hold, and consumers are expected to vote with their data in the event that a business cannot guarantee that their personal information is safe.

Why attend this information sharing event?

Be informed about what GDPR means to you and your organisation so you can make the best possible decisions to be ready for any change. These regulations present huge opportunity in the marketplace for new products and services, as well as an important incentive to better manage data security. Prepare to be on the front foot.

AJ Park will help you to understand how privacy law affects you today and how changes may impact you into the future, Maven will share stories from the coal face as they engage with Government about new information security best practice and open government, and LINQ will help you to understand how you can put this into practice today and be ready for change.

Come along on March 27th from 1630 at AJ Park’s place to learn more about what this means for you and join us for drinks, nibbles and great conversation.

RSVP here – spaces are limited, so don’t delay!

When:   Tuesday 27 March at 4.30pm
Where:  AJ Park, Level 22, State Insurance Tower, 1 Willis Street, Wellington