Action Flow Insight Card

We have added a new card to the Sketch Summary insight. The Action Flow Summary provides a new view of how your organisation process flows from inputs to outputs. Accessed from the 3rd bullet on the Sketch Summary, you can click to expand the view for each Action in your sketch. You will see which […]

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Improved Custom Properties

We have improved the way that custom properties are handled when using Organisation Palette nodes which also contain organisation level custom properties. Ownership of custom properties is now managed so that the organisation node takes over any duplicate custom properties which may already exist in the sketch. Find out more about Custom Properties, Organisation Properties […]

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LINQ Partner Day a huge success

Having just held our latest LINQ Partner day, we are so grateful to have a growing team around LINQ delivering amazing outcomes to clients in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Thanks to Scott Kennedy Mark Simon Vicki Taylor Simon Lloyd-Evans Daniel Gray Justin Fail and Greg Rozen for spending the day with us. Also superb to have Geoff Bush down from Tauranga to share […]

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