How DO you keep your clients happy??

In my experience, maintaining happy customers is quite a difficult thing to achieve, unless you have a plan in your mind, or your organisation has a methodology or ethos that it follows when engaging with customers which you can use as a set of guidelines. Random simply doesn’t work.

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Is there a new definition for the term GIS?

The classic definition of a GIS is that it is a system comprising the five elements of software, hardware, data, people and organisations.  That definition has spanned from the very earliest days of GIS and as such is both a strength and a weakness. Having a long-standing definition is a strength because as a GIS […]

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Starting up Spatial.IQ

Did you know that New Zealand is rated higher for ‘ease of business’ than any other country in the world – except Singapore or Hong Kong? (Don’t believe me?  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ease_of_doing_business_index) As we embark on the Spatial.IQ adventure, we’re grateful that there is an entirely online process for establishing the company, dealing with the tax […]

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