The ‘philisophy’ of Spatial.IQ

We’ve come up with a partnership model where like-minded people can join Spatial.IQ as absolutely equal partners. Equal shares, equal dividends, equal voting rights. This is clearly aimed at individuals who bring immediate value to the business – as senior consultants, senior project managers or senior developers: people in the prime of their careers. More junior professionals come aboard as Associates. Associates have a clear pathway to become partners and earn their share of the company as they journey along that path. Using this approach, everyone in Spatial.IQ has a long-term interest in the success of the company. Short-term interests; who do I need to screw to get this month’s bonus?, are always going to be trumped by the long-term interest in having happy customers who value the relationship with Spatial.IQ through a win-win philosophy. No-one’s going to “get rich quick” by working for or owning Spatial.IQ.. We’re fine with that because put bluntly, where would that money come from? If it’s come from adding value to a customers’ business then it should be shared out across the entire team who added the value. Not one of those individuals and certainly not the owners will have contributed enough to justify making a solo grab for that money themselves. By sharing out the profits earned from honest endeavour, Spatial.IQ establishes itself as a long-term player in the New Zealand geospatial industry. This certainly isn’t socialism for those of you anxious to apply a label to what we’re doing. This is new capitalism in action – where reward for hard work is earned and is always proportional to the real value added to the New Zealand economy.

– David