Tag: Digital Transformation

The Role of the Digital Twin of the Organisation in Successful Digital Transformations

We all know how fast the business landscape changes and one area is accelerating that change and bringing huge benefits to businesses. What is it? It’s the Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO) and it’s revolutionising how companies approach digital transformation. Understanding the Digital Twin of the Organisation Traditionally associated with physical objects in industries […]

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Impact Assessment Insight

Welcome to the Impact Assessment Insight. The new Impact Assessment Insight allows you to look into the future! You can measure the impact of change by selecting the affected parts of your current business in new ways. Based on a manual selection on the canvas itself. Nodes(s) or entire LINQsets, it’s up to you. Output […]

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Master of Your Own Domain

The second issue of Information Governance World’s digital magazine has just been released. The magazine focuses on all aspects of information governance including best practise, privacy, security, analytics and of course infonomics. I was privileged to be asked to contribute to this issue and you can find my article on Page 54 here. Of course […]

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What’s your information maturity score?

We’re all beginning to realise that our information assets need to be more effectively managed so that the value our information adds to our business is recognised properly; that our maturity, in terms of how we consider our information increases. With that recognition comes the opportunity to invest in the areas of the business which […]

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The challenges of Information Intangibility

As IT Professionals, we often remind ourselves that “It should be all about the Information, not the Technology”.  Which is ironic, given that we’re inevitably ‘IT professionals‘ rather than ‘Information Professionals’.  But how do ‘Information Professionals’ cope with the challenges of Information Intangibility? The (in)Tangibility of Technology As an excuse, it’s been really challenging to maintain […]

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