What’s your information maturity score?

We’re all beginning to realise that our information assets need to be more effectively managed so that the value our information adds to our business is recognised properly; that our maturity, in terms of how we consider our information increases. With that recognition comes the opportunity to invest in the areas of the business which generate the most value; we get to re-use our valuable information in new ways generating more business value, more revenue, offer new products, services or experiences, exceed our customers expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re not quite there yet, how do you know the actions you should take to get your business to the point that it recognises Information Value?

Gartner talks about increasing Data Literacy, and creating “Information as a Second Language” to enable everyone to talk the same way about the data & information used through the business to achieve the outcomes needed to generate increasing business value.

Raising Maturity; crossing the data literacy divide  Raising Maturity: Info as a Second Language

We’ve taken all of that on-board and are pleased to now offer our Information Value Maturity Assessment as a step you can take to understand what you can do next. We’re taking all of the latest advice and thinking and delivering that to you so that you can jump start your information value journey. To get you started, we’ve created a short form assessment which you can take on our website here.

At LINQ we focus on enabling your organisation to benefit from a deeper understanding of the value of your information. Information Flow Modelling through the capture of Information Supply Chains delivers the insight you need to make the smartest possible decisions as you respond to the digital economy and the growing expectations of your customers. LINQs methodology and platform can help you take a structured approach to defining the value of your information assets so that you can apply “infonomics” and monetise your information.