Update to the Organisation Palette workflow

We’ve made using the Organisation Palette easy for everyone with a new editor workflow.

Create your nodes as usual in the LINQ Canvas and when you’re ready, right click on a node you’d like to appear in the Organisation Palette and click Add to Org Palette. The node will be added to the palette and every node of that type in your canvas will be converted to become an Organisation node.

If you’ve configured Custom Properties, they will also be part of the Org Node!

If an Organisation Node already exists for the node you are proposing, you will be given a list of options you can choose from and replace your node with one from the Organisation Palette.

Right click on a node in the canvas to be able to add that node to the Organisation Palette, or replace it with an existing organisation node

Administrators have access to the new Org Nodes through Organisation Node Admin and can validate that the information is correct. Any updates will cascade to every node in every sketch.

It’s now easier than ever to ensure that your corporate assets are being captured once and used consistently across all of your sketches.