A single click by me, a giant leap for IT

neil new

Yesterday was one of the most significant days I have had in the past 3 years. It passed with the single click of my mouse button. No fireworks, no shouts of celebration; actually a little bit of an anti-climax as I reflect back.

Yesterday Spatial.IQ Ltd. was put to rest and LINQ Ltd. was born.

Spatial.IQ was established by David and I almost 3 years ago. Our aim was to have fun, do things differently and contribute our expertise back into the New Zealand geospatial community. I like to think that we succeeded. It was hard yards and the unrelenting highs and lows of running a consultancy company certainly caused relating highs and lows in terms of mood and stress levels over that time. Despite that, we were doing our thing our way and that was the most important thing.

The company evolved over that time; from 3 to 2, to 4, to 5…and then LINQ happened! We stumbled upon something new, something innovative, something that had the potential to really make a difference in the way that IT change is managed in large and small organisations across the globe. We spent 12 months developing the methodology, applying it with our customers and building a proof-of-concept.

That work paid off! We are now a team of 10 in our new offices at the top of Plimmer Towers in the heart of Wellington. Our awesome Vietnamese development team now provide 7 people to our project and we engage with local Wellington based businesses for many of our other requirements. All told, there are more than 20 people involved in what LINQ is set to become.

Staying as Spatial.IQ became too difficult to justify. It detracts; “what does the spatial thing mean?” from the far more important conversations about LINQ that we want to have. We thought we could just trade as LINQ, but that would still have the legacy of Spatial.IQ hanging on to our future as we continually referenced back to our legal name. We thought changing would be hard…

In the end, that change to LINQ Ltd. came down to $10.22 and a single mouse click. Done.

So long Spatial.IQ Ltd…it was fun, but LINQ Ltd. is our future…