How do you prioritise spending across your business systems?

Understanding how to prioritise spending on business critical systems which support business critical outcomes is essential. Obtaining a view of the “essence of the business” against which the impact of change can be understood and funding decisions made, is difficult. The traditional views of a business through Enterprise Architecture or Business Process Modelling provide one lens, which more often than not, is unable to make the connections between systems, processes and people. Without a common language with which to describe the current state or to articulate a desired state through a change process, decisions are often made without transparent knowledge of the full ecosystem.

When LINQ is applied to the business enterprise, it can deliver new insights in a easily digestible format from which decision makers can gain high levels of assurance that they are making the right decision based on all of the available evidence. LINQ’s insights enable you to re-link the actions that you take on a daily basis to the business outcomes you rely on to be successful.

cost v value

By linking the cost of actions to the value of information within each supply chain, LINQ insights enable you to prioritise those actions which deliver the most value to your business.

supply chain insights

Rediscover the essence of your business and define your language for your business today.

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