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Would eliminating Information Waste change your Business?

What’s Information Waste? How much is Information Waste costing your business?  It might help to first define Information Waste:  Information waste: resources that are being applied to low-value activities These examples will help to illustrate that definition: Information Supply Chains that support no Business Outcome– “we process this information because that’s what we’ve always done” […]

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LINQ – An Infonomics platform

We’ve been reading Doug Laney’s new book Infonomics.  You should too!  It’s available on Amazon here.  Doug is a vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner’s Chief Data Officer practice. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to understanding the value of information. Doug lays down a challenge to organisations large and small: […]

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LINQ: The Business of Information Flow

Information Flow matters to your business. If you don’t believe me, here’s a challenge. Ask these questions about your organisation: How does it use Information? How do decisions about Digitisation get made? What’s the most valuable Information Asset? Only a few organisations are in the information business. These information-centric entities sell information as their primary […]

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Idea to Global Experience: A Journey

I’ve always been an ideas guy.  But an ideas guy who wants to see that idea deliver business value.  Throughout my career, I’ve collected ideas from my colleagues and persuaded smart technical people to put them into action.  I’ve learned a lot of lessons that you might find useful.  I’m certainly finding them useful as […]

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Developing our Partner Network

LINQ Ltd. is poised for a transformational year in 2016 by introducing technology that will change how organizations view, manage and leverage their enterprise IT systems. LINQ helps break down the barriers between business, executive and IT leadership to drive analytic-based decision making and IT change prioritisation. We are looking to partner with consultancies and […]

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